white party 2016


“The MIAMI HERALD dubbed him “the high priest of gay parties.” GENRE MAGAZINE lists him as “Circuit Master.” NEXT MAGAZINE describes him as “the sultan of soirees.” And CIRCUIT NOIZE MAGAZINE simply calls him “the man.”  With every accolade, Jeffrey Sanker further solidifies his name as the premier producer of gay nightlife and entertainment.

In 2014 Jeffrey Sanker received a star on the famed “Palm Springs WALK OF STARS,” aptly placed on the S.E. corner on Palm Canyon Drive and the (very gay) Arenas Road!

Jeffrey Sanker is the founder of LA-based White Party Entertainment, Inc. and creator of such signature events as WHITE PARTY PALM SPRINGS; New Year’s Eve celebrations in Los Angeles, Miami & Rio de Janeiro and the One Mighty Party at Orlando’s Gay Days” (quoted from http://www.jeffreysanker.com/events/).

Mention “WHITE PARTY” when you make your reservation and we will be happy to apply a 5% OFF! Applicable from April 7th to 11th.